No Accepted Perl 6 Talks at YAPC::EU 2012?

The YAPC::EU blog says "Our final voting round ends on Friday." So, Friday has gone by, does that mean that all talks that have not been accepted now have been rejected?

And if so, are we really not going to have a single talk on Perl 6? I know that some good speakers (and I don't mean me :-) have submitted talks on Perl 6, and I'd be rather disappointed if they all got rejected.

Can anybody tell me what's going on?

Contribute to Perl 6, without huge startup costs

Do you find Perl 6 interesting, but maybe not very accessible? Would you like to contribute half an hour of your time, if it doesn't involve learning a few new languages and weird parrot assembler langauges?

Then participate in the Perl 6 contribution challenge. No sign-up required, and there will be one task per week with which you can actually help the Perl 6 users and developers without needing to dive too deep into compiler guts.

The ="…