The Lacuna Expanse

So I heard about The Lacuna Expanse here on the other day when Jesse Thompson posted about it. It's a "massively multiplayer strategic empire simulator" written in Perl.

I started playing last night after work. I choose the rather unimaginative empire name of "Mr. Muskrat's Empire". I renamed my colony "Luas".

The GUI is very polished looking. The graphics are very detailed for a browser-based game. You have multiple zoom levels to choose from. I typically keep it zoomed all the way out unless I want to the see new details of buildings as they are upgraded.

They are running three contests (at last count). I entered the volcano contest and already received my volcano! I won't tell you what it does but you might want to enter fast before all ten are gone. I am entering a second one as I type this up; I want the Kalavian Ruins because they look a lot like the Colosseum (and I really want to know what they do).

So head over to and sign up for your free account and begin playing. Then head over the forums and find out how to enter the contests.

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