File::Temp and File::Copy

I recently updated File::Temp and wanted to standardize how we were creating temp files. Most places were using File::Temp already. I ran across one file where we using IO::File and returning both a file handle and the filename. I changed it to simply return a File::Temp object.

I rolled the change out to a test system and noticed a problem... All of our generated files were empty! I traced the problem down to using the File::Temp object with File::Copy's copy subroutine. I suspect it's the tied file handle bug biting us but the fix was quite simple.

Old: copy( $fh, $dest );

New: copy( "$fh", $dest );

GitHub for _____

Earlier today I wanted to install git on Windows so that I could keep my distroprefs synced between smokers. I almost installed Git for Windows but I waited.

A little bit ago, I was asked to test a new version of Net::Printer (after I submitted a bug four days ago that the tests were hanging on Windows) which resided in a GitHub repo. There was this shiny button labeled "Clone in Windows" which I clicked. I was taken to GitHub for Windows which I downloaded and installed. I already like this better than…

Smoke Testing & CPAN prefs (a lesson learned)

I started smoke testing on Windows a short time ago. I already had Strawberry Perl 5.12.3 and CPAN::Reporter. I installed CPAN::Reporter::Smoker and started it up.

Then I did the same thing on my laptop that was running Strawberry Perl 5.16.2.

I quickly discovered that many modules will hang during the make or make test phase. I looked around the CPAN Testers Wiki and found out about Distroprefs ( I didn't pull down anyone's repo though. I just started compiling a list of my own one by one as I encountered problems (making sure to…

File::LinkDir 1.02

File::LinkDir 1.02 is on its way to a CPAN mirror near you.

Two changes went into this release.
- The link-file script will be installed now. (Hinrik)
- The --add-ignore option works properly now. (Matt)

I'd like to thank Philip Durbin for pointing out that --add-ignore wasn't working properly.

perlbrew and tmux

Tonight I decided to install a variety of perl versions on the desktop PC where I run Arch Linux. Rather than kick them all off manually, I whipped up a bash script wrapper around perlbrew.

It loops through all of the versions of perl I'm interested in. It starts perlbrew with the specified options but backgrounded. When the build.log shows up, it sends keystrokes to tmux window 4 telling it tail the build.log and brings perlbrew to the foreground. When the install is finished, it sends keystrokes to tmux window 4 telling it stop tailing the file and moves the build.log out of the wa…

About Mr. Muskrat

user-pic I'm married with 2 girls. By day, I work as a Senior Design Engineer (full time Perl programmer) for EFJohnson Technologies, a Land Mobile Radio company, in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. By night, I play various games as the mood strikes me. (Lately it's CPAN smoke testing.)