Give your first talk at the London Perl Workshop

If you've never given a talk at a Perl event before, and perhaps never given a talk at any tech event, I'd like to encourage you to give your first talk at the London Perl Workshop. I'm happy to be your LPW talk buddy, and help you prepare for it, and am confident that other people would be happy to help too.

Tag your CPAN issues on github for Hacktoberfest

Hacktoberfest is nearly upon us again. If you sign up and then do 4 pull requests in October, you'll get a free t-shirt. Sadly the list of Featured Projects doesn't include any Perl ones, but last year I created a list of featured Perl projects.

If you've got some issues you'd like to offer as fodder for the fest, all you need to do is add a Hacktoberfest label to the issues

CPAN Day: Tuesday 16th August 2016

CPAN Day marks the day when the first distribution was recorded as being uploaded to CPAN. That was 16th August 1995, so we've been uploading modules for 21 years now!

On CPAN Day you could release something to CPAN, send a pull request on someone else's distribution, blog about Perl, or just head to the pub with fellow Perl hackers.

Thames Valley Perl Mongers

Thames Valley Perl Mongers, aka TVPM, are now having monthly social meetings at various locations in the Thames Valley (in the UK).

Our next meeting is next Monday (18th July) at 8pm, at The Jam Factory in Oxford. We're not going for the jam, but the beers.

Please delete old releases from your CPAN directory

The Perl NOC have informed the PAUSE admins that the CPAN Master is starting to get tight on diskspace. This is only a temporary constraint — at some point there will be a lot more space, but for now we need to free up some space.

A lot of space is being taken up by old releases, long since superseded. Please delete these old releases if you have some, and the NOC will stop being alerted.

Remember: everything you've ever released to CPAN will always be available in your BackPAN author directory. My PAUSE id is NEILB, so my BackPAN directory is: