A group of Perl companies are sponsoring the COED:ETHICS conference, a one-day conference on ethics for developers and technologists, which is in London on July 13th.

PAUSE Privacy Policy

Today is GDPR Day, and to celebrate that, the PAUSE admins have added a Privacy Policy to PAUSE. This tells you:

  • what personal data is processed by PAUSE;
  • what PAUSE does with that data;
  • how that data is shared (with the rest of the CPAN ecosystem);
  • PAUSE's lawful basis for holding your information (this is a GDPR term, which essentially answers the question "what gives PAUSE the right to hold your personal data?")
  • what your rights are, and how to exercise them.

The policy is linked off the sidebar in PAUSE, and the source is a markdown document in PAUSE's github repo.

The Great London Perl Bake Off

You may not have noticed, but the London Perl Workshop is happening later this month (Saturday 25th November). It's a free-to-attend community event: organised by members of the community, for the community, and made possible by sponsorship from companies in our community.

Reinforcing the community theme, we're trying an experiment this year: crowd-sourcing bakes from attendees for one of the coffee breaks. If you're an experienced baker, an occasional dabbler (like myself), or even a complete neophyte looking for a reason to start, why not give it a go?

Introducing the PAUSE Operating Model

At the Toolchain Summit this year, one of the discussion sessions was to reflect on how the DBIx::Class ownership conflict was handled. We didn't only discuss DBIx::Class, but how a range of other situations were handled. One of the outcomes of that session was a request that the PAUSE admins document the rules and principles for how PAUSE is operated, and how various situations are, or will be going forward, resolved.

Since then the PAUSE admins have been discussing various scenarios and gradually working on a document which we ended up calling the PAUSE Operating Model. The name reflects that it not only describes how PAUSE works, but how the PAUSE admins run the service.

The rest of this post gives an outline of what the document covers, and where you can read it.

Ask not what CPAN can do for you

If you're still not sure what to do on CPAN Day this year, you could help me with one of my trickle projects: help us get META.yml and META.json files added to CPAN distributions that currently have neither.

Send me an email and I'll assign you a distribution. I've ordered the list of distributions based on how far up the CPAN River they are. Fixing these distributions results in more accurate river data, and will also help various tools and services.