CPAN Day - 14th August!

Celebrate the inauguration of CPAN on the 14th August by doing something related to CPAN: release something, blog about your favourite module, or email its author thanking her or him.

The Perl gittip community has 499 members

The Perl community on gittip has 499 members right now (Wednesday morning, GMT). Who will be the 500th member? It could be you!

Jerome Eteve was the 500th member! Jerome is the author of Alien::ImageMagick, and more.

An author's CPAN dashboard

More details, and a list of ideas for inclusion, can be found on my blog. Any and all suggestion…

The CPAN new dist a month contest

once a week, every week contest, and the monthly new distribution challenge 2014 quest on Questhub, I've created the CPAN new dist a month, every month contest. Release a new CPAN dist each month. How many months can you keep that up for?

This is a mashup of ideas from BOOK…

Add your gittip id to your MetaCPAN account

  • In the Account menu (top right) on MetaCPAN, select Profile.
  • Scroll down to the Profiles section and select Gittip from the "Add Profile" drop-down.
  • Fill in your gittip id and click on the word "check" to the right.
  • Scroll down and hit "Save Profile"

And don't forget to join the Perl community on gittip!