PTS 2020 Cancelled

The Perl Toolchain Summit (PTS) won't be happening this year. It had been planned for Vienna, so we're hoping that PTS 2021 will be held in Vienna.

We had wondered about delaying it, or seeing whether there's interest in a virtual PTS, but right now we all have much more important things to worry about. When the time is right, we'll see what makes sense.

In the meantime, stay safe, and look after yourselves, your loved ones, and your neighbours.

Philippe, Laurent, Thomas, & Neil

Fastmail and Perl: an interview with Ricardo Signes

Ricardo (Rik) Signes is a member of the Perl community who has helped the programming language move forward as far as features, stability, and popularity. Previously, he was Perl’s Pumpking (manager of the core Perl 5 language), during which time he oversaw 5 major releases. Currently, he is a board member at the Perl Foundation and CTO at Fastmail, leading a development team working in Perl every day.

This blog post is brought to you by Fastmail, a gold sponsor for PTS. More information about Fastmail is provided at the end of this article.

PAUSE Projects at PTS 2019

Every year at the Perl Toolchain Summit (PTS), there is some work done on PAUSE, but 2019 was a vintage year. In this blog post we'll remind you exactly what PAUSE is and does, and then take you through the major bits of PAUSE work done.

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MaxMind is sponsoring the Perl Toolchain Summit

The Perl Toolchain Summit (PTS) is happening this week in Marlow, on the banks of the River Thames, in the UK. Most of the attendees will gather on Wednesday evening, with the real business kicking off at 9am on Thursday morning. For the next four days 32 Perl developers will be working intensively on the tools that all Perl developers rely on.

Attendees log their activities on the wiki, and blog posts will appear during and after. You can see some of what goes on in semi real-time on twitter, via the #pts2019 hashtag.

We're extremely grateful to MaxMind, who once again are a Gold Sponsor for the PTS. The attendees are brought together from around the world, and we're only able to do this with the support of companies from our community, like MaxMind.

Perl Toolchain Summit: People & Projects

The Perl Toolchain Summit (PTS) is taking place later this month in Marlow, in the UK, as previously announced. This event brings together maintainers of most of the key systems and tools in the CPAN ecosystem, giving them a dedicated 4 days to work together. In this post we describe how the attendees are selected, and how we decide what everyone will work on. We're also giving you a chance to let us know if there are things you'd like to see worked on.

This blog post is brought to you by cPanel, who we're happy to announce are a Platinum sponsor for the PTS. cPanel are a well-known user and supporter of Perl, and we're very grateful for their support. More about cPanel at the end of this article.