Opt-in your CPAN repos for Hacktoberfest

If you haven't heard, Hacktoberfest has now become opt-in, to reduce the number of spammy, or pointless, pull requests that people were doing, to get the t-shirt. In this post I'll describe how to opt your repos in, how to find opted-in repos, and why your repo might not be turning up in searches.

So if you've got repos with issues that you'd be happy to receive pull requests on, add the topic hacktoberfest, and make sure that your repo turns up in searches.

Opt-in to hacktoberfest

When you're looking at the Code tab of your repo, you'll see "About" on the right, with a cog:

the About section for a github repo

If you click on the cog, you'll get a popup, and in the middle of that you'll see a text box for entering topics. Add hacktoberfest as a topic.

adding a topic to a repo

Finding Perl repos that have been opted in

You can find Perl repos on github that have been opted in to Hacktoberfest using these two terms in their search box:

language:Perl topic:hacktoberfest

Or just use this link: Perl hacktoberfest repositories on github.

If your repo was forked

When you search for repos on github, it doesn't return forks. If you created the module and created the repo, then you're fine. But if you adopted a CPAN module, and forked the previous maintainer's repo, then your repo won't turn up in the search.

I have adopted a number of modules, and started off by forking a gitpan repo. So when you look at the repo, you see something like this:

what a forked repo looks like

End-users can't break that "forked from" link. If you want to do this you have to get in touch with GitHub support. Tell them that you want to break the link with the repo that you originally forked from, and give them the URL for your repo. They were pretty responsive for me, last night.

So now my Text-Table-Tiny repo looks like this:

What a non-forked repo looks like

And now that repo turns up in a search.

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