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Announcing the Perl QA Hackathon 2016

We're happy to announce that the 9th annual Perl QA Hackathon (QAH) will be held in Rugby in the United Kingdom. The event will run from Thursday 21st April to Sunday 24th April.

The QAH is a face-to-face gathering of the lead developers who work on the Perl toolchain that all Perl programmers rely on and build upon. The first QAH was held in Norway, in 2008, and so far it's always been in Europe. The QAH provides dedicated time over 4 days to work on the critical systems and tools, with all the right people in the same place.

CPAN Weekly: one module per week, in your inbox

CPAN Weekly is a mailing list for Perl 5 programmers. Each week there will be one short message sent to the list, with a brief description of a CPAN module, and example usage.

The idea is not to provide a tutorial, but just to make you aware of the module, and show one basic use case. By planting seeds in your mental Perl toolbox, hopefully next time you have certain needs you will think "oh, I read about a module for that!", rather than "I'll just write a module for that".

You can sign up at cpan-weekly.org.

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