CPAN Weekly: one module per week, in your inbox

CPAN Weekly is a mailing list for Perl 5 programmers. Each week there will be one short message sent to the list, with a brief description of a CPAN module, and example usage.

The idea is not to provide a tutorial, but just to make you aware of the module, and show one basic use case. By planting seeds in your mental Perl toolbox, hopefully next time you have certain needs you will think "oh, I read about a module for that!", rather than "I'll just write a module for that".

You can sign up at

The idea for this came while reviewing the 2015 Pull Request Challenge. A number of participants commented that an unexpected side effect of taking part in the challenge was learning a bit more about some of the modules on CPAN, and realising how many there were.

The first module will be mailed to the list in the week starting Monday 15th February.

You can help with this project: email me and let me know the modules that you consider to be hidden gems of CPAN: neil at bowers dot com.

Thanks to listbox for providing the mailing list.


The sign up is a bit confusing: after I enter my email address on I get redirected to that asks me to enter my address AGAIN, but the confusing part is it also asks for a "List ID (The list ID is its email address.)"... So, what the address of the list?

I ended up signing up by sending a blank email.

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