HTML::Scrubber 0.09 release

Following my recent post on HTML::Scrubber, I have been given maintainership rights on the module.

So I have sorted all the urgen stuff, including the 3 separate RT entries for a tmp file vulnerability, and pushed a new version to CPAN.

Coincidently, whilst updating the Changelog, I noticed the last release was exactly 7 years ago. So, umm, happy birthday HTML::Scrubber 0.08, but you have now been superseded!…

HTML::Scrubber maintainership

HTML::Scrubber appears unmaintained at present, and I cannot find a way to contact the author (podmaster) - email bounces and I cannot see any activity later than 2006.

If you know a means to contact podmaster aka D. H. then I'd appreciate it if you could put us in touch so I can see if he would be open to an offer of co-maintainership or handing the module over.

DBIC Deployment Handler

I think, after a load of floundering around, that the way to use DBIx::Class::DeploymentHandler has finally clicked - I have no idea why it seems to have been so hard for my mind to work out how to use it, but this module has really made my head hurt!

So, I am aiming to put together a few blog posts on using Deployment Handler to manage upgrades (and theoretically downgrades, but I have never tried those). I should get something produced around the end of next week (minor issues like stage managing a…

HTML::Formatter release

I've pushed out an initial release (version 2.05) of HTML::Formatter which covers the incompatibility with current perls and RTF formatter initialisation.

I'll work through the other issues as I get the opportunity - but the incompatibility with current perl versions was the reason I took on maintenance, so I wanted to get a release with that fixed out quickly.

Picking up HTML::Formatter maintenance

I've volunteered to pick up maintenance of the HTML-Format module, which has been lacking love recently (last update 2004).

Initial intention is to do maintenance on it - its currently causing warnings about UNIVERSAL::Can on recent versions of perl and there are a number of RT tickets for it.

I am converting it to use Dist::Zilla for release management (although my CPAN volume does not really justify this, the fact that it manages the bits I would otherwise forget d…