Adventures with Dist::Zilla - 2 - Weaving The Pods

I've been spending a bit of time this week looking at Pod enhancements for Dist::Zilla released modules, I have hit a bit of an impasse.
I quite like the [Availability] Pod::Weaver section plugin - Pod::Weaver::Section::Availability, however currently it hardwires some of the information to make it specific for the author (and unfortunately that means that the module name space is polluted by this). I'm just working out the best way to parameterise this information - although its a little tricky since really Pod::Weaver should work outside of Dist::Zilla, and the mechanisms I can see others using are grabbing information from Dist::Zilla for it...
Less controversial is the [BugsRT] module (Pod::Weaver::Section::BugsRT) which adds bug tracker information to the POD.
The two of these together should allow me to get released modules with pods how I like them.

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