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More thoughts on Dist::Zilla

Having just read Zbigniew's blog entry on Dist::Zilla managed distributions.

This is a real issue - admittedly I have been trying out a number of plugin bundles recently, but having to test a new config by doing dzil build and scroll back to the top error message to find the missing plugin, install that, redo is just not a fun development method.

Maybe as a first cut we could do with a dzil tool to spit out a required plugin/plugin bundles set …

Adventures with Dist::Zilla - 3 - Can't Get No Satisfaction

I am still slowly working my way through Dist::Zilla attempting to get the config that works for me...

I suspect that the plethora of PluginBundles::personid are down to it being very hard to slightly modify a config other than by writing it out in full or by nasty filtering gymnastics...
For example I've been building a Task:: module for work - this pulls in everything I want as a base system on our servers. I started with an existing Task module, git cloned it, and modified it into the form I wanted - bringing along the initial Dist::Zilla config and changing that to…

Adventures with Dist::Zilla - 2 - Weaving The Pods

I've been spending a bit of time this week looking at Pod enhancements for Dist::Zilla released modules, I have hit a bit of an impasse.

Adventures with Dist::Zilla - 1

I don't have the huge range of CPAN modules that some people are herding, so it may be thought that I don't need the substantial set of automation that others require to keep their interactions with PAUSE/CPAN under control.

However since I have to interact with PAUSE fairly rarely, as well as do the "pull everything together into a coherence CPAN release" dance infrequently, automating the whole process so I have fewer changes to get it wrong seems appealing.

I initially looked at Dist::Zilla a while back, but was having t…

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