vim, Ale, Syntastic and Perl::Critic

As a vim user, I've used Syntastic for a long time. It's a great tool for syntax checking. However, I was recently introduced to Ale. Ale does a lot of what Syntastic does, but it does it asynchronously. The practical benefits are

  • You should experience less lag when editing large files

  • Ale flags problematic lines containing errors and warnings in a gutter, making it easy to find problems

  • Detailed information about errors and warnings appea…
  • Announcing meta::hack v2

    It's that time of year again. The core MetaCPAN hackers are going to be hacking on MetaCPAN next month. We are still looking for some sponsors. Read the full post.

    How I Spent my Perl Toolchain Summit 2017

    This was my 5th year of being invited to participate in the Perl Tool Chain Summit (formerly Perl QA Hackathon). It was a real pleasure to be invited to a rebranded version of the same helpful event.

    For the second year in a row, MetaCPAN was well represented at the event. This is important because it really does allow us to get much more work done. Getting everyone in the same room allows us to make decisions quickly and often deploy new ideas on the same day they've been discussed. Just like last year, we got a lot accomplished this year. I'm only going to touch on the work which I …

    Viewing Your Module Permissions on MetaCPAN

    We're currently at the Perl Toolchain Summit in Lyon, working hard on improving MetaCPAN. One feature which we went live with yesterday is a view on CPAN module permissions. This means that you can now easily see which modules any CPAN author has permission to upload.

    Read the full post.

    Tomorrow is LWP Hack Night is hosting a LWP Hack Night tomorrow (Thursday) evening @ 7 PM. If you're interested in attending in person or virtually, I've put together a getting started guide. You don't need to be in the know in order to participate. The sheer volume of open issues means that there is plenty of low hanging fruit.

    On a related note, I also announced a very helpful new module, LWP::ConsoleLogger::Everywhere, which …