On the status of HTTP::BrowserDetect

HTTP::BrowserDetect is at least 15 years old. I've had co-maint on it for 5 years now and I've summarized its current state of affairs. The full story is available on my blog.

MetaCPAN Welcomes Liquid Web as a Hosting Sponsor

MetaCPAN would not exist as we know it, if it weren't for our sponsors. I'm particularly happy to say that we have some incredibly supportive hosting sponsors who understand our needs and provide us with the gear that helps us keep up with our demand.

Our latest hosting sponsor is Liquid Web, a Managed Hosting provider with wholly-owned data centres located throughout the US (soon expanding to Europe). Liquid Web provides MetaCPAN with 3 dedicated servers, host…

MetaCPAN Thanks Bytemark for Two Years as a Hosting Sponsor

Today I'd like to take a moment to recognize Bytemark, which has been a MetaCPAN hosting sponsor for over 2 years now. When our original hosting sponsor was no longer able to support us, we found ourselves in a tight position. We had 30 days to find a new solution in order to keep MetaCPAN online. Thanks to a very quick response from Bytemark (and Mark Keating, who helped us set up this arrangement) we had a seamless transition to our new host and new hardware.


How I Spent my 2015 NY.pm Hackathon

The 2015 NY.pm hackathon was a really fun event. I've posted a report on how it all happened for me .

MetaCPAN Welcomes iDoneThis as a Sponsor

I've been doing a fair amount of mentoring work over the last couple of years with the Google Summer of Code (GSOC) and the GNOME Outreach Program for Women (now Outreachy). I've tried various ways of tracking progress of the interns, with varying degrees of success. What I've settled on and what has worked best for me is iDoneThis.

The beauty of this service is its simplicity. It's calendar-based and it lets you track two things: what you plan to do on a given day and what you've actually done on a g…