meta::hack 3 wrap report

We had a blast at the latest meta::hack and we got a lot of work done. Our "greatest hits" have been documented here.

meta::hack is back!

We're in Chicago and we're hacking on MetaCPAN.

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How lazy am I?

Occasionally I find myself running some random Perl script from a Github gist or dealing with some code from a colleague that doesn't have proper dependency management (yet). It's a bit painful to

  • run the script
  • wait for it to die on a failed dependency
  • install the missing dependency
  • re-run the script
  • wait for it to die
  • install the missing dependency
  • rinse
  • lather
  • repeat

I've tried to solve this problem via lazy

Read ="http://w…

Perl Toolchain Summit 2018 Wrap-up Report

I had a great and very productive time working on MetaCPAN at this year's Perl Toolchain Summit. I've posted the full report here.

WWW::Mechanize Best Practices

Recently at $work we were discussing some of the behaviours of WWW::Mechanize when submitting forms. For instance, when you pass the fields parameter to the submit_form() method, Mechanize might take a very lax approach to submitting your data.

I've discussed some ways to make your useragent more secure and easier to debug. The whole article is at…