Creating a Twitter List of CPAN Authors

I've been playing around with how to create a list on Twitter made up solely of CPAN authors. Full post here.

Managing Your Travis CI Config Files with App::CISetup

App::CISetup can make starting and managing Travis CI config files trivial. Full post here.

How I Spent My Perl Toolchain Summit v2019

I was fortunate to be able to attend the Perl Toolchain Summit again this year. The MetaCPAN team worked hard. I've tried to summarize our efforts with this post.

About the Various PANs

I've put together a short blog post explaining what the various PANs in the Perl ecosystem are responsible for.

Thanks to for sponsoring this blog post through their support of meta::hack.

Read the full post at:

meta::hack 3 wrap report

We had a blast at the latest meta::hack and we got a lot of work done. Our "greatest hits" have been documented here.