How to Get a CPAN Module Download URL

Every so often you find yourself requiring the download URL for a CPAN module. You can use the MetaCPAN API to do this quite easily, but depending on your use case, you may not be able to do this in a single query. Well, that's actually not entirely true. Now that we have v1 of the MetaCPAN API deployed, you can test out the shiny new (experimental) download_url endpoint.

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Easy OAuth Integration with Runkeeper and Spotify

I've been tooling around with a fun little app that I'm building on evenings and weekends. As part of that work I figured I'd let users authenticate via Runkeeper. Luckily Runkeeper uses OAuth2 and it's all pretty easy to get going with. I've published my very small contribution as Mojolicious::Plugin::Web::Auth::Site::Runkeeper

On a similar note, earlier this year I also released Mojolicious::Plugin::Web::Auth::Siteā€¦

MetaCPAN at the 2016 Perl QA Hackathon

We made some very good progress on MetaCPAN at this year's QA Hackathon in Rugby. The whole post can be found here.

HTTP::Response may have a different definition of success than you do

The is_success() method which HTTP::Response provides is not necessarily a full indicator of success. This has bitten me before, so I thought it was worth writing about. Perhaps it may save you some heartache down the line.

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Upgrading Business::PayPal::API

I got co-maint on Business::PayPal::API about 3 years ago in order to patch one line that was throwing a warning. The previous release had been 2 years prior to that. So it's fair to say that this module has not lately been on a rapid release cycle. It's still in use, though, and lately there has been some activity on related to it. So, I finally took an evening to sit down and try to cut a new release.

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