Can you send 24 pull requests this December?

For many of us, the holiday season is approaching. The Advent calendars will be kicking off soon, which is great. If you're into blogging, I'm sure there are some calendars which may still be looking for articles. However, if you're looking to push some code, let me point out The idea is that you send one pull request per day for 24 days.

There are two ways for you to contribute. You can sign up and start pushing code or you can suggest a project for others to create pull requests for. ="…

How to Run a Single Test via Dist::Zilla

Last week I was working on a distribution which includes some XS and also uses Dist::Zilla. I needed to edit a single test, but didn't want to run the entire test suite after every edit. It wasn't immediately clear to me how to do this via "dzil test". I asked in #dzil and within a couple of minutes I got some excellent advice in the form of:

dzil run prove -lv t/my-test.t

If there is no XS in your distribution you can skip the build process and get an even faster test run:

dzil run --nobuild prove -lv t/my-test.t

Many thanks to ="https://m…

MetaCPAN Officially Welcomes Our OPfW and GSoC Participants

The MetaCPAN project would like officially to welcome our summer of 2014 Google Summer of Code (GSoC) and Outreach Program for Women (OPfW) participants. We had a lot of interest this time around and some great applications. Our OPfW participant is Pattawan Kaewduangdee and our GSoC student is Talina Shrotriya. Both Talina and Pattawan have plans to make some much needed improvements to MetaCPAN and we're really looking forward to working with them. I've linked to both of their Github profiles above in case…

MetaCPAN 2014 QA Hackathon Retrospective

This was my second QA Hackathon, the first being 2012 in Paris. This year, I had a lot of good conversations with various people about MetaCPAN's role in the Perl ecosystem and I pushed a decent amount of code. A lot of it is waiting to be merged, but here's the gist of it.

On the plane on the way over, I did a bunch of cleanup on the API. Mostly style changes, but it makes some of files easier on the eyes. RWSTAUNER was kind enough to fix my failing build after I pushed the code.

When ="…

You Can Help MetaCPAN by Helping the QA Hackathon

As I was spending some time updating the list of MetaCPAN sponsors, it occurred to me that we had not listed the QA Hackathon as one of our sponsors. I came to realize that this was a fairly significant omission since, if you run the numbers, the QA Hackathon is one of our biggest sponsors. The hackathon has sponsored a MetaCPAN hacker for 3 years now. 2011 (Amsterdam), 2012 (Paris) and 2014 (Lyon). The 2012 and 2014 sponsorships involve me flying across the Atlantic and all 3 years…