Find expiring SSL certs using curl, Go and Perl.

Just like domain name registrations, SSL certificates need to be renewed regularly, otherwise they expire. This means you now have one more thing to monitor. Let's look at ways to do this in Perl, curl and Go. We'll also get a quick introduction to a hosted Mojolicious app that I wrote to make this even easier.

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The Perl Advent Calendar 2022 Call for Papers is Now Open

In the year 2000, the world was a different place. Y2K was still fresh in our memories, many of us had just partied like it was 1999 and Mark Fowler had given up eating chocolate.

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Making Dynamically Required Package Names More Discoverable in Perl

I've been using perlimports a lot at $work. I'm generally quite happy with perlimports, but it can get confused by modules which are being dynamically used. Fortunately, there's one little trick that can help in this scenario.

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Finding unused variables in your Perl code

I've put together a brief overview of some of the ways to automate finding unused variables in your Perl code:

Opening Files Quickly from Inside vim

I use ot a lot when it comes to opening files. I wanted to be able to use this tool from inside vim as well. It turns out, the solution is quite simple.

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