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iCPAN: Now Bigger, Faster and with Syntax Highlighting

Since we've been porting CPAN to the iPhone via iCPAN, we've had the chance to re-imagine the CPAN a little bit. We've been thinking, what would we change about if we were able? We've added the bookmarking, we save searches of recently viewed modules and now we've got syntax highlighting.

A lot of us see our code highlighted in our editors. That's how we're accustomed to viewing code. So why not view it that way in our module documentation? (Now, we're fully …

HTTP::BrowserDetect for all of your UserAgent parsing needs

This module dates back to 1999, but as of late 2009 it had only been patched twice over a 5 year period. The RT queue was full of very good (but unapplied) patches. The world of browsers had also changed considerably over this 10 year period, making the module helpful but missing a lot of coverage. Since I didn't feel like rewriting this module,I took the time to contact the author about seeing if he'd allow me to apply the patches. I'm happy to say that he was very responsive. He added me as a co-maintainer immediately and I set about working through the queue.

Since that time, t…

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