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Expanding Your Author Info in the MetaCPAN

If you've had a look at, you may have noticed that some of the author pages have more info than you might find at Take, for instance, FREW's author page. You'll see that it has links to his blog, Twitter, StackOverflow, website etc. Lots of information there which allows you to find his various online presences without having to do all too much digging around.

If you'd like to expand your author info, it's pretty e… Building a Sexier CPAN Search

As we began working on iCPAN, we became aware of how problematic it can be to figure just exactly what is in the CPAN. More importantly, we became aware of things we really wanted to do when interacting with CPAN. Last month, Dave Rolsky posted some comments on a next generation CPAN search . He has a fairly extensive list of things which a CPAN search could offer and I'm more than inclined to think that he's on the right track.

A CPAN searc…

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