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How to set up your own PerlMongers web service in 10 minutes or less

I've been working with ElasticSearch over the past months as part of the MetaCPAN project. Using ElasticSearch as our back end has worked out really well so far. The reason is that, out of the box, it provides a REST API. So, in our case, we've been able to concentrate on writing code and not on designing an API, defining its behaviour, arguing over URL schemes etc.

To be clear, ES is not written in Perl, but there is a handy Perl module you can use to get yourself up and running in *minutes*.

MetaCPAN Status Update

Lots of great stuff is happening with MetaCPAN. Here's a quick (and incomplete) list.

First off, Yanick Champoux has been doing some excellent work to add module up and downvoting to the MetaCPAN API. His work is on Github He has also created a Greasemonkey script to allow module voting to begin on search.cpan.org. We plan on incorporating it into the ="https://github.com/oalders/cpan-m…

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