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This Week in MetaCPAN

Last week I posted an article on how CPAN authors could expand their profiles on metacpan.org. Since then there has been so much activity that I thought a quick recap would be in order. I'm not covering all activity, so my apologies to anyone whose efforts have not been replayed here.

At the time of the article, 91 authors had logged in to MetaCPAN and updated their profiles. That number after one week is 240. That's still a very small fraction of total CPAN authors, but it's also…

Expanding Your MetaCPAN Author Profile

Now that you can log in to MetaCPAN via Twitter, Github and Facebook it's trivial to update your author profile. For example, if you look at my author page, you'll see some pretty icons with links to various other sites I care about. All of this takes just minutes to set up and it does two things:

1) It makes your author page sexier
2) It makes you easier to find, follow, pester etc

One aim of MetaCPAN is to make it easier to contact authors in the Perl community. The author info …

iCPAN is (almost) on the iPad

iCPAN hit the app store about a year ago. I didn't really expect there would be a lot of downloads, but the reality is that there was far more interest than I had expected, which is good. After the original app was released, I was able to release a couple of subsequent versions with updated Pod, but it soon became clear that some problems were not being solved.

The first issue was that it was taking a very long time to put a build together, because I had to parse all of minicpan with each run. The second issue was t…

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