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Kickstarting the Gitpan

If you've played with Gitpan at all, you probably have an idea of how cool this project is. The idea behind Gitpan is to take all of CPAN and make it available as Git repositories which are tagged by release. It's a great idea. It makes it trivial for Github (and Git users in general) to create patches for modules which don't already exist in a public Git repo. It's also useful in the case where the original Git repositories for modules on CPAN may no longer easily be found online.

Now, if you've fol…

MetaCPAN Undergoes "Unplanned Re-index"

Earlier today a some dev work on MetaCPAN had the unfortunate side effect of dropping the ElasticSearch index. This has effectively forced us to re-index the site from scratch. What makes this particularly painful is that we've lost the author data (including +1) which so many Perl devs have lovingly created over the past few weeks.

The short story is that minicpan should be indexed within a few hours. The rest of CPAN and BackPAN will likely be in the next day or so.

Because we've been looking at adding new features and haven't spent time on a proper backup strategy, we're …

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