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Objective-C for Perl Hackers

I've been messing around with Objective-C off and on for a while now. Whenever I take a break and come back to it, I find myself having to look up some of the same syntax over and over. Some examples would be:


$foo =~ s{bar}{baz}g;


foo = [foo stringByReplacingOccurrencesOfString:@"bar" withString:@"baz"];


$list{'foo'} = 'baz';


[list setObject:baz forKey:@"foo"];

One thing in particular that …

MetaCPAN August Roundup

August was another busy month for MetaCPAN, so I think a recap is in order. I'll proceed chronologically.


Gabor Szabo included MetaCPAN in his first issue of the Perl Weekly. It's an excellent aggregation of all Perl things blog and newsworthy. I can tell you just from the time involved in a MetaCPAN recap that Gabor is spending a huge amount of time on his weekly newsletters. I follow a lot of blog posts, but I find his weekly recap helps me find interesting stuff I may have miss…

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