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++ Goes on Hiatus

If you saw @kraih's recent MetaCPAN tweet, you'll know that MetaCPAN's ++ feature has been gamed. Now, we were aware there was some potential for gaming. Initially you needed a PAUSE id to be able to ++, but this had an unexpected side effect in that there were some requests for PAUSE accounts with the justification of "I'd like to be able to ++ on MetaCPAN". Because this placed an additional burden on the already busy PAUSE admins, we were asked to remove this requirement.

The result of this was that the bar was…

Not a designer? Get involved with the MetaCPAN logo contest anyway!

The MetaCPAN logo contest is now in full swing, thanks in no small part to FLORA for his blood, sweat and tears in organizing it and also to the Enlightened Perl Organization, which fully funded this contest with astonishing speed.

Just to recap, the contest rules are posted at and the entries are being posted at

Now, you don't need to be a de…

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