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MetaCPAN is Moving Today (Dec 31, 2012)

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that MetaCPAN is moving to a new hosting sponsor today (Dec 31st). Our old hosting relationship with has unfortunately come to an end. We've been quite grateful for and more than satisfied with their sponsorship over the last 1.5 years or so. Having the hardware and bandwidth which speedchilli freely made available to us was instrumental in the early days. (Initially everything was running off a tiny instance in the Rackspace cloud. It wasn't much, but it was all we could afford after…

Have you added your Perl project to takes the spirit of the Advent coding calendar and puts a new spin on it. Try to send one pull request per day for the next 24 days and will help you track your progress. At the time of writing, 1,224 devs have already signed up.

Some Perl projects are already represented, but there's still room for more. It would be good to see some more Perl projects on the list for participating Perl devs who are looking for something to contribute to.

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