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Padre 0.90, the Delayed Release Announcement

Normally when Padre, the Perl IDE is released, we like to let people know about it through the release announcement. It serves a dual purpose. it both lets us acknowledge the awesome work that goes into Padre while letting everyone out there see what has changed, what has been fixed and where we are in terms of the project and whether or not it's ready for your use, or to upgrade.

0.90 was released with little fanfare, so I'd like to take the time now to cover off some of the changes in Padre 0.90 in a little more depth.

OK, so I can't …

Padre 0.90 has been released

I really should be packing to go away for the weekend, but instead I've just uploaded Padre 0.90, itself a day late due to a trip to the hospital last night after my daughter was hit on the cheek with a hockey stick.

Padre 0.90 comes with a few bug fixes from the 0.88 release, one that I found early on after upgrading to 0.88 myself, but already fixed by the time I got to asking about it in the #padre channel.

Given the lack of time tonight, I really want to get this announcement out quickly, with a follow up about what's changed when I get back home later in the weekend.

Padre .088 has been released...

As already mentioned by others, Padre 0.88 is out.

This is the culmination of quite a long development cycle since the last release. This was made longer than it should have been due to the discovery of a bug not long after I had branched version 0.88 from trunk.

The release was then held up while people got to sorting out the problem at the time, which in turn saw more work d…

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