Padre 1.00 has been released

That's right, Padre, the Perl IDE has just hit the 1.0 milestone.

Sadly there's not a lot of fanfare over this release. For the most part the changes from 0.98 to 1.0 have been patches applied by Kevin Dawson (bowtie) and improvements to the Debugger - Kevin's project in Padre.

The Change list for release 1.0 is as follows:

- Applied Patch in #1488 comment:7 itcharlie++ (BOWTIE)
- Apply patch for #1504 dod++ (BOWTIE)
- Apply patch2 from #1459 bojinlund++ (BOWTIE)
- Update Makefil…

Padre 0.98 has FINALLY been released.

Padre, the Perl IDE, is the work of a number of people with the goal of creating an IDE written in Perl itself.

Padre 0.98, according to the Release History page has finally been released 1 year and 1 week after 0.96.

This is a long time between releases. In part this can be put down to me as the Release Manager. As things go, we all have interests and busy times in our lives that can take us away from projects that we give up our free time to contribute to. For me, it's been a case of discovering photography.…

Padre 0.96 has been released...

Padre, the Perl IDE has just hit version 0.96, only 1 more release before, numerically speaking, it hits 1.0.

Now this is interesting, as one of the big coders for Padre is Adam Kennedy ( Alias ), and he wanted to use the remaining release version numbers to get various bits and pieces of housekeeping in order before hitting the big 1.0.

However, it seems that Adam is moving (has moved by now) to the US, and to date, seems modus incommunicado, and lots of work has been done by Kevin Dawson (bowtie) and Ahmad Zawawi (azawawi) and as suc…

Padre 0.94 has been released... the annoucement is late!

Happy new year, Gong Hei Fat Choi ( seems there's more than one way to type that! ). I only added that in so we can claim we got a new Padre release out just after the new year... not saying which new year though...

It has been a while since Padre, the Perl IDE version 0.92 was released. The last release was november last year!

It became clear that Padre would not be ready for a pre-Christmas release, Adam Kennedy wanted more time to work on the bits of Padre that needed work. Looking at the Changes file, there was plenty.


Padre 0.92, the release!

As previously alluded to, Padre 0.92 was nearing completion for distribution.

Well, this is the announcement to say that Padre, the Perl IDE has finally been cut loose to venture into the wild world.

With the run up to 1.0 the next series of Padre releases will be the end result of a lot of refactoring work, mostly done by the ever industrious Adam Kennedy; and more polish and shine to key areas, such as the amazing work done by Ahmad Zawa…