Padre 0.90 has been released

I really should be packing to go away for the weekend, but instead I've just uploaded Padre 0.90, itself a day late due to a trip to the hospital last night after my daughter was hit on the cheek with a hockey stick.

Padre 0.90 comes with a few bug fixes from the 0.88 release, one that I found early on after upgrading to 0.88 myself, but already fixed by the time I got to asking about it in the #padre channel.

Given the lack of time tonight, I really want to get this announcement out quickly, with a follow up about what's changed when I get back home later in the weekend.

So with that, if you have upgraded Padre to 0.88, it's highly recommended that you upgrade to 0.90 when it's available to you.

Thanks to the translators for 0.90:

dolmen for the french
Zeno Gantner for German and some Spanish.

A full wrap up of what's changed will be forth coming when I get home.


I think people will understand that family is a
bit more important than some random code :)

I hope your daughter is ok now, but really, a hockey stick?

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