Perlmongers Dinner

We'll be having a group dinner for the August meeting, and have
a few drinks after for those interested. This will mostly
be a planning meeting for future meetings, but all are welcome
for Perl discussion and agreat food.

"Naan-N-Curry" at 336 O'Farrell Street, between Mason and Taylor.,+San+Francisco,+CA+94102,+USA

This place has moved around a few times, and has many satellite
locations now, so look at that address carefully. This is across the
street from the Hilton, and next to the entrance to a large parking

From the Powell Street Bart station: walk two blocks north along Powell,
and 1.5 blocks west. Don't try to walk up Mason or Taylor, unless
you're in an adventurous mood.

The food is inexpensive, high quality Indian food. They have a buffet
these days, which makes things simpler. Free chai. The dining room
is double-sized, with large tables: there's no need to worry too much
about RSVPs.

This place used to be 24 hours, but I guess they've scaled back to
11:00 AM to 4:00 AM. But I don't think we'll need to rush out of

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