CPAN RT overrun by spam

Is anyone else seeing this? I'm guessing these tickets are being created by email? users being phished

I've received a number of 'Verify the email address associated with your Apple ID' emails in the past week targeted at phishing my Apple ID. Upon further examination, the list of email addresses in the to: line (yeah these guys are slick!) corresponds to a subset of the email addressed stolen when was hacked.

So if you have an apple ID and a account, watch out for these phishing attempts.

Latest CPAN activity

I've had a somewhat productive week releasing updates to some of the modules I maintain.

SOAP::Lite had 2 releases this week:

1.08 November 8, 2013
! #15703 add no_index for examples to prevent CPAN pollution []

1.07 November 7, 2013
! #89948 Remove warning when Content-Id is not present

WebService::MES 0.01 was released which is my first attempt at a simple interface into the Merchant e-Solu…

SOAP::Lite 1.06

The 1.0 branch of SOAP::Lite has mostly stabilized with this latest release. Changes include 2 small bugfixes.

Thanks to the contributors who have been giving great feedback and testing results.

SOAP::Lite 1.0 is out

SOAP::Lite rides again! I've made some fairly big changes to the interactive build file, as well as fixed several issues. Chances are I may have broke something, but if so please let me know an I'll get a fix out. 1.01 is due out tonight as a matter of fact.

1.0 July 16, 2013
! #85713 SOAP::Transport::HTTP, 500 error skips parsing of response
! No more Windows 98 client support. Wait, wut?
! Merge SOAP::Transport::TCP back into SOAP::Lite (for now)
! #82416: xop href cid: URI encoded support reported by Michael R. Davis (mrdvt92)
! #85…