I just wrote about a program I crafted some time ago... in Perl. Happy reading if you're interested into producing smarter tarballs! The article is here.

blog change... again...

It seems that I'll never really be happy with blogging.

system(), run()... roll_your_own()

I'm working on a program that is thin wrapper around the execution of many other programs (mainly shells scripts) in Linux. The initial - and working! - choice was to use system():

my $code = system {$program} $program;

but it showed some limits soon...


A few months ago I released Graphics::Potrace, that provides Perl bindings to the potrace library. So, if you want to convert rasters into vectors from Perl... you know where to go.

origami envelopes

I've always been fond of origami, and in some periods I also had time to fold some as a hobby. Alas, this is not the case any more... most of the times.

I'm also proud to produce my greeting cards for birthdays and occasions, when I remember to actually make one (which happens seldom... but happens). Some time ago I stumbled upon a neat design for an origami envelope - although I don't remember where I saw it, I've found a couple of web sites that include it (e.g. here). So... two of "my" things coming together...

Then I'm fond of Perl, of course. So why not kicking it in and use it to add an image to the back of the envelope... automatically?