Pure-Perl XML

In the past I sometimes used XML::Tiny and I found it perfect for the job. Agreed, I had to struggle only with very little and under-control XML, so I knew I could do without a full-fledged XML Parser.


I know this is probably the worst time of the year to blog about something different than Perl 6... but I had this article under construction since about one month, and some Christmas vacations helped to give it the final touches! I hope someone will enjoy... and I wish you all a happy new year!

Changes, nags and git hooks

I use Dist::Zilla with a few plugins, including NextRelease and Git::Check. I was always nagged by the fact that committing actually left the Changes file uncommitted... until now. Read it here.

A general profile photo that looks in the camera

After looking at today's issue of Perl Weekly, I remembered of a nice advice by MJD that basically boils down to: make faces look at the content, or at least not look away from it.

My photo loaded on Gravatar was looking towards the right, which is good when your photo is put on the left of the page, but a disaster when it's placed on the right (which is what happens on Perl Weekly and here on blogs.perl.org, by the way).

The fault is totally my own: the general photo that might end up anywhere SHOULD look at the camera, so that it will be at least neutral in the general case! I changed it of course, even though I'm not sure I like the results... time passed!


I published a new article about Perl in my blog. It's about wrapperl, a wrapper for Perl customized invocation. Find the article here and happy reading!