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Dibs - Envars Envisaged As Enviles

The saga goes on! This time we talk about enviles, a way to pass key/value pairs without polluting the environment while still keeping it dumb simple. Find the article here: Dibs - Envars Envisaged As Enviles and, as always, enjoy!

Dibs - Remote Packs

A new article about Dibs (Docker image build system): Dibs - Remote Packs - hope you will enjoy!

Hi from dibs... and more

I worked on a tool named dibs in the past months, and I started writing about it:

I hope you will enjoy them!

Invent Stories

A tiny post in my blog about a small app to draw random pictures, I hope you will enjoy!

A Simple Telegram Bot

I just wrote a small post A Simple Telegram Bot in my blog... with a tiny introduction to Bot::ChatBots::Telegram. Comments more than welcome!

Some Maths for Dobble

I wrote an article about the maths behind the game Dobble (known as Spot-It in some countries). It has no pretense of strict formality but it works for reminding me the though process that leads to designing Dobble-like games. The whole process prodded me to write Math::GF, a module on Galois Fields that can be used together with Math::Polynomial, so... there's also Perl in it!

Telegram Keyboard Button Encoding

I wrote a blog entry about it, also introducing a new module to handle this. Enjoy!

WebService::Fake - but still usable!

I released a new simple module/application WebService::Fake and wrote about it in my main blog. I'd love to read any feedback providing any insight, negative included of course (provided they're honest and polite).

And oh! I really hope to see Learning Perl 6 spring to life! I opted for the "early versions" pledge because I'm too curious to see what it will be...

Automating deployment of my personal Perl projects with Dokku

Last weekend I completed an article about deploying my personal Perl projects using Dokku - it might be interesting if you have similar needs!

POD speculation


[...] expects to find either a =head(n>1) or an =item block documenting a subroutine.

In pure TIMTOWTDI spirit, it's up to you to decide which style you want to adopt. There are PROs and CONs, though.

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