Social bookmarking in Mojolicious

I've spent the last year or so of my daily commute building a social bookmarking site that for me has now replaced my use of delicious, and I think offers more than other services such as diigo, Google Bookmarks et al.

The original site at was mainly built in PHP & MySQL, however since finishing that site I've taught myself how to use Mojolicious, and did a fairly comprehensive rewrite of the website into a Mojolicious and MongoDB stack. As such it's not a full replication of the features available on (see the about page for a comparison).

Now with a new job on the horizon, I want to spend less time on building out a better bookmarking service, but at the same time don't want it to stagnate.

To that end, I've released the code for on Github, and uploaded a live version of the site at

This is the first time I've released a relatively big project onto Github and since I'm by no means a full time developer, go easy on me :) However I'm hoping there are others in the Perl community who might be interested in contributing to, forking or otherwise using the code.

You can read more details on my blog if you're interested.

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