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Module Comparisons and Reviews

Hi Folks

Recently, Steven Haryanto blogged about articles which compare modules, and made an impressive start with this wiki entry.

I've added a similar page to my web site.

I've called it 'Module reviews' rather than 'Module comparisons' so as to allow for related articles which are not exactly comparisons.

Comparing YUI - Dojo - Ext JS - jQuery

Hi Folks

After spending a lot of fragmented time over the last 7-8 weeks, I've finally finished my 2nd comparison of JS libs. I can no longer find the first on the old blogs site, but by now I don't think it matters.

This one is in HTML because the original is in POD, and that gives me a much easier time of it in the proof-reading phase.


Any d/l-able list of given names and their meanings?

Hi Folks

By googling I found many sites, but they all require you to click on a long list of links to step through the alphabet, so I'm thinking: Ask first, and as a last resort write a scraper.

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