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Proposal: elseif be an alias for elsif (as in foreach and for)

GraphViz2, MarpaX::Grammar::Parser and MarpaX::Grammar::GraphViz2

OK. I've expanded MarpaX::Grammar::Parser V 1.01 so it now has a cooked_tree() method.

All trees discussed here use Tree::DAG_Node.

The code now takes the output of Marpa processing your grammar (still available via the raw_tree() method), and post-processes it to provide just the user's grammar. That is, it is shorn of all the Marpa-specific details.

The main purpose of cooked_tree() is as input into ="…

Volunteer! Time series stats of new PAUSE ids

I've finally realized that instead of people worrying about false, or ever true, reports of Perl's demise, we can generate some factual (nice change!) data about Perl activity.

So, I'd like to see someone analyse the postings to the archive of modules at See e.g.:

The only thing you'd need to look for would be Subjects of the form:

Welcome new user XXX

A time series of say # of new ids per month for the last 10 or even 20 years would give us something to talk about.

Would it be p…

Announce MarpaX::Grammar::Parser

MarpaX::Grammar::Parser parses your grammar and outputs a tree managed by Tree::DAG_Node. The real purpose of this module is to provide a compressed version of that tree (unwritten) as input for MarpaX::Grammar::GraphViz2.

MarpaX::Grammar::Parser actually uses Marpa::R2 to parse your grammar, and my module parses the output of that to generate the tree.

Announce MarpaX::Demo::JSONParser

MarpaX::Demo::JSONParser offers you a choice of grammars to parse JSON. The first was written by Peter Stuifzand, and the second by Jeffrey Kegler. I have just packaged them (with permission of the authors).

I've been patching Config::Tiny

Hi All

As per Neil's list (not, presumably, connected with Craig's list), I'm adopting Config::Tiny, unless someone else insists.

I've patched it re the RT tickets, but if anyone has further suggestions, please feel free to comment....

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