I've been patching Config::Tiny

Hi All

As per Neil's list (not, presumably, connected with Craig's list), I'm adopting Config::Tiny, unless someone else insists.

I've patched it re the RT tickets, but if anyone has further suggestions, please feel free to comment....


It doesn't look like a patch, if it's untested. Also it does not contain testsuite + see some comments in ticket.

Hi. Hm. I thought you've already sent patch over RT ticket system and the only one new RT ticket is this one https://rt.cpan.org/Public/Bug/Display.html?id=85571 (others are 3 month old) and this ticket about UTF-8 too, with some "untested" "patch".

Sorry, probably this is just a mistake!

Please take it over the module and fix the UTF-8 thing, so I won't need to use a locally patched version of the module!
Thank you!

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