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Anyone using HTML::WikiConverter? If not, what else?

David Iberri has kindly let me take co-maint of HTML::WikiConverter.

I haven't actually started work (I'm not completely stupid!), but I'd like to know if there is any interest in these modules being given some TLC. In this case I think a re-write is appropriate.

I did not trace the pre-reqs, but since I would be using Marpa::R2::HTML to rectify the HTML tags before starting the conversion proper, a C compiler will be needed. A pure Perl solution is out of the ques…

Tree::DAG_Node V 1.14 + utf8 + read_tree()

Hi All

Tree::DAG_Node V 1.14 now includes utf8 data in its test suite.

Also, there is a new read_tree($file_name) method, for when you've previously redirected output of tree2string() to a file.

Config::Tiny V 2.15 supports utf8

Hi All

I made myself co-maint of Config::Tiny, and, after not hearing back from Adam for over 2 weeks after I sent him the following outline (from the Changes file) of my proposed patches, I've released V 2.15:

2.15 Sun Aug 4 14:59:00 2013
- Clean up the shambolic dates in this file.
- Add a note under Caveats about setting options more that once. Only the first case is respected.
Thanx to Kimmel K. See RT#69795.
- Add a $encoding parameter to read_file() and write_file(). See docs for details.
Add t/04.utf8.t and t/04.utf8.txt.

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