Config::Tiny V 2.15 supports utf8

Hi All

I made myself co-maint of Config::Tiny, and, after not hearing back from Adam for over 2 weeks after I sent him the following outline (from the Changes file) of my proposed patches, I've released V 2.15:

2.15 Sun Aug 4 14:59:00 2013
- Clean up the shambolic dates in this file.
- Add a note under Caveats about setting options more that once. Only the first case is respected.
Thanx to Kimmel K. See RT#69795.
- Add a $encoding parameter to read_file() and write_file(). See docs for details.
Add t/04.utf8.t and t/04.utf8.txt.
Thanx to Mark Lawrence and Wolfgang Husmann. See RT#71029 and RT#85571.
- For BSD-based systems, when writing a file during tests, use:
my($temp_dir) = File::Temp -> newdir('temp.XXXX', CLEANUP => 1, EXLOCK => 0, TMPDIR => 1);
- Rename t/*.t files. I use '.' rather than '_' in file names because the latter is a shift char (and I'm lazy).
- Add MANIFEST.SKIP, Changelog.ini, Build.PL, META.json.
- Add an FAQ to the docs.
- Clean up the docs.

Report bugs via RT, as usual (for me).

Let the bugfest begin!


Nice one. I've added you to the adoption hall of fame, along with BARBIE, who recently adopted a handful of distributions.

Has *anyone* heard from Adam lately? Should we be worried?

he's going to be at

"This meeting will mark the triumphant return of Adam
Kennedy, who hasn't spoken for a year and a half."

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