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A newer Shell::Perl

While trying to install Pod::Server under Perl 5.18.2, I found 2 problems:

  • Text::VimColor dies with encoding issues. These are being investigated by Randy Stauner.

  • Shell::Perl died. I forked the github project and fixed it. So, if you need it, try:


Perl popular at Apple

I've just heard privately that someone poached by Apple (in Calif) has been told he has to learn Perl. How apposite (sic).

Nice web pages for git/JS/jQuery/CSS APIs





perlsphere.net: Static since last Friday

Anyone know what the problem is?


Anyone else get personal URL from Google Plus?

Back in about September Google Plus send me an email offering:


as my entry point into Google Plus. I.e.: That visible text is all I need to type into Chrome or FF.

Also, you can use this text (instead of your long Google id digit string) when indicating you're a contributor to MetaCPAN, etc.

So, did anyone else get such an offer?

Any Perl code for circular dendrograms?

As seen here.

The vague plan is to write a front-end to GraphViz2 (which is a front-end to Graphviz) to do this sort of stuff, unless someone beat me to it.

And yes, I know Graphviz contains 'twopi'.


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