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SocialFlow is a leading social media marketing company offering businesses and brands a solutions-based approach to connecting paid, owned and earned social media strategies.

2012 has been a great year for us, thanks to the hard work and collaboration of incredibly smart people on the development as well as the business side.

We launched socialflow.com in February , and have built up an unbelievable list of clients ( Pepsi, The Economist, National Geographic, The Washington Post to name a few ) who use and love the product.

We’ve got a whole bunch of stuff geared up for 2013 and we need some good developers to help us build it.

This position is for someone who enjoys solving real problems for real clients across a wide spectrum of web development, from schema design to client side mobile browser optimization.

We're about 70% a perl shop, 30% python.

Some of the many open source projects we use:
perl: Catalyst, DBIx::Class, Moose, App::Cmd, Dist::ZIlla
python: cherrypy, fabric, pycassa, thrift, psycopg2

Here's a chunk of the tech stack our dev team has worked with over the past year: Redis, Postgres, Cassandra, Nginx, ec2

How to Apply

Send a resume ( cover letter if you have one ) to jobs-at-socialflow.com.

Helpful things to include

  • Code samples or links to your version control repo (git preferred)
  • Links to your website or blog if you have one you’d like to share
  • Projects/websites you’ve worked on recently and what you enjoyed about them
Salary: 80k+ commensurate with exp.

Relevant press ( there’s much more to be found on google. )

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