Updating "Toolkit review: Devel::Local, Devel::SimpleTrace, Reply"

2+ years on since I wrote "Toolkit review: Devel::Local, Devel::SimpleTrace, Reply" and I've got a couple more suggestions. I still use Devel::Local a lot but for something more substantial than quick hackery I use mst's App::Myperl.

I don't use Devel::SimpleTrace much anymore.. I switched to Devel::Confess since watching haarg talk about writing it in a video that I can't find right now. Lastly I still use Reply but I've added Toby Inkster's Pry to my secret weapon list. It makes dropping into a Reply interactive session super easy. (Use pry; pry();)

Porting Reddit's URL Structure to Catalyst Using Chaining

I wrote an article for the Catalyst Advent calendar:

Porting Reddit's URL Structure to Catalyst Using Chaining.

Any comments or questions feel free to leave them here.

Devops in the cloud with perl

I gave a talk at NY Perlmongers this past Tuesday. We streamed it -- though didn't really publicize that ahead of time due to me working on my slides up until the last second -- and Devops in the cloud with perl is up on YouTube. The slides are here. I used the excellent reveal.js.

This is my second time giving a talk at perlmongers, and SocialFlow's fifth time hosting. Every time I've attended perlmongers it's been fun, interesting, and worthwhile, so if you're on the fence about going to your local meetup you should give it a shot. And it you're on the fence about streaming your local meetup you should give that a shot as well; it's really not very hard.

The Audio compression came out really bad this time, probably because our upstream speeds were severely limited by being on a cable modem, but I still stand by my HOWTO live stream a talk in pretty much the laziest way possible.

As I spoke about in the talk, over the course of 2013 I ( then 'we' once i got enough of a prototype out to have some collaboration on it ) developed our deploy system to match what we consider to be as close as we can get to best practices while still being an extremely pragmatic deploy system. It is built largely on top of Object::Remote.

If anyone is actually interested, I'll upload what we've got to github and get it to CPAN. As I briefly mentioned in the talk, the main obstacles are making some concepts more pluggable; Specifically we use Amazon S3 as a file store. ::FileStore should be an interface, and which kind you're using ( ::FileStore::S3 ) could just be specified in the config.

how to add switches to a perl program like plackup or dzil


perl -d:Confess $( which dzil )  release

If you are using development tools like https://metacpan.org/pod/Devel::Confess or https://metacpan.org/pod/Devel::cst, and are trying to figure out how to use them with applications with a shebang like dzil, plackup, etc, the 'which' command is your friend. Invoking those scripts with perl should be effectively the same thing, and you can pass whatever switches you want to pass to perl.

See the comments for other ways to achieve the same thing.

CPAN Day winner?

I didn't think it was a contest but I think Ingy won CPAN Day....

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