On low attendance in TelAviv.pm meetings

Shlomi Fish published a post in Israel.pm that I think is worth reading by anyone from Israel (or Israhell), especially if you're from the Tel Aviv region.

In a year that dealt mostly with marketing, there seemed to be a decline in people showing up to meetings. Even though Tel Aviv University provided us with a room (and now a better room), with a projector, boards, air conditioner and a lot of space, few people show up.

Whatever the reason is, if these trends continue, the meetings will cease. If you care about Perl, if you like to learn, if you like to teach and if you want to spread it, these meetings are for you (or for you to drag someone else to :).

I find it hard to believe there are no Perl programmers in Tel Aviv (I personally know a few), and that they all know everything already.

Seriously, wake up and give a shout out to Shlomi (or even me) about why you aren't showing up. Whatever reason it is, there's bound to be some solution to it.

No, I didn't really understand what you wanted, Shlomi. :) My answer was "whatever parser you want to write, it has two steps. Step one is Parse::RecDescent." I thought it was funny.


I don't suppose you have any details on the sample Moose use-cases the audience proposed do you?

Because what Shlomi is organising is an "Open Source club", not Perl Mongers, definitely not Israel.pm. The nature of the .pm meetings is for Perl people to meet, socialise and talk Perl, and while there might be elements in the "TelOSC" that might appeal to Perl people, Israel.pm it ain't.

Also, with local groups like Jerusalem.pm and Rehovot.pm, I think it's time to cease calling the TA gathering "Israel.pm" and start thinking about starting a true-to-form TA.pm.

"I understand that you won't attend an event that deals exclusively with Perl if the umbrella says "Open Source Club"?"

Hardly, I'd attend a good Perl presentation even if it's given during a "Java for Evil" event. But that's not the issue here; you are saying, "why is TA.pm dwindling?". My argument here is "the Open Source Club" isn't TA.pm, the way I see TA.pm. It might be semantics, as no one has the "rights" for the name, and I can do a 3 perl guys meeting in the local pub and call it Perl Mongers, however, you, and Shlomi are asking why perl people don't come to TA.pm meetings, and my simple answer is, because it's not TA.pm. You may as well be asking why don't Perl people attend a Ruby-on-Rails meeting.

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