Thoughts on my Moose lecture

Yesterday I gave a talk on Moose (the post-modern metaclass-based object system for Perl 5) in The slides are available on slideshare. They aren't a lot of slides because I mainly wanted to give an introduction to Moose for beginners and the gist of the lecture is me speaking, so the slides can't really express that.

Now, regarding the talk. There were few people present, which was a bit unfortunate but I'm assuming it's somewhat due to the change in location in the university. It was difficult to find, I have to admit. However, it's a new place, bigger and more comfortable.

If I could do it over again, I would definitely want more people and more participation so we could give some live examples instead of trying to squeeze it out of people. But overall, I'm happy with it.

I scheduled with Gabor to do the lecture on March in If you're near Rehovot, stop by, say hello and learn how to use Moose!

I want to thank Shlomi Fish for organizing, the lectures (including this one), the promotion, receiving a free guest room from the university and all the other annoying/difficult things most people don't feel like doing.

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