My first bug report!

Even though I helped on various projects, I never really got a bug report on a project of my own. I've gotten offline requests (usually from people who know me personally), but never an actual RT ticket.

Today I got my first RT ticket (in the mail) and I've very proud of it!

Apparently there was a change in Template::Tiny's API. mst made it more compatible with Template::Toolkit and Adam Kennedy released Template::Tiny 0.11 and took the time to open a ticket with Dancer::Template::Tiny to require 0.11 and up, and update the code. I've updated the code, changed the requirement and done the same with Task::Dancer. Both of them on the way to CPAN as we speak.

Why am I sharing this small tidbit? (isn't tidbit a funny word? I think it is)

Because I was really excited about it. The way people take a global look on things in CPAN. Updating each other's code, tickets and patches, notifying each other of API changes that might relate, etc. In Hebrew we have two phrases that relate to this: a "big head" and a "small head". A "big head" (rosh gadol) is someone who looks at the bigger picture. A "small head" (rosh katan) is someone that tries to know the least s/he can. Even though trying to concentrate on something specific isn't bad, the terms try to relate to laziness and caring, which gives them connotations of good and bad. In English, though, it sounds like I'm vaguely cursing someone.

I really do hope I'll keep feeling good about incoming tickets. :)


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