Dancer 1.160

Major release of Dancer finally out. You can read about it on Alexis' blog.

Basically this version provides a lot of improvements to Dancer:

  • Alexis Sukrieh worked hard on refactoring and optimizing.

  • David Precious did a lot of awesome work on documentation: we now have a cookbook and a deployment manual for various situations you might encounter. He also added a session backend with clean recursive dumps.

  • I added the route caching, which shows a significant speed improvement!

  • We have a mailing list

  • We have a new main domain ( and it's the first project to use a subdomain:

I want to thank Sukriah and David for all their work and being great guys to work with.

Bust a move!


Another failed announcement. If they didn't already know what Dancer is, they still won't know. Learn to write announcements, people!

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