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A few days ago Shmuel Fomberg (who organizes wrote in the mailing list: "Sawyer is doing so many interesting things currently, that it is ridicules. Sawyer, please take a long vacation to let us all catch up!".

While this truly flatters me, I reckon that's how I think of a lot of other developers (and I'll refrain from the usual name-dropping I'm accustomed to). Whatever I play with is always minimal in comparison to the stuff I see in the Perl community. This includes both Devel::Declare and the amazing Perl Onion Pillow.

Tomorrow there is another meeting. The last meeting was really awesome and I expect this to be as well. Gabor Szabo has been working a lot with Android recently and will showcase how to work with it there. I've been dabbling with Android and Perl for a while now and was able to install it rather easily. Gabor said he'll appreciate help on his lecture on how to install and work with the SD card. So, I'm going to co-showcasing it with Gabor - which I'm excited about.

So while I've been dabbling in Android and Perl, Gabor suggested I try to run Dancer on it as a demonstration of working with Perl on Android. It took a while to get all the modules copied over (using local::lib, App::moduleshere, `mlocate` and `cp`), but I got Dancer to work on Android! Now that I look at local::lib::deps, I might have been able to use that instead.

Tomorrow at I'll be explaining how to install Android, how to configure it and how I got Dancer on run on it.

I'll see you there, and stay tuned for a post after the meeting!

I've also been contemplating on submitting a lecture/presentation to YAPC::EU 2010 on "When Perl Met Android", but it kind of scares me, I honestly don't think I'm good enough to go up on that stage. I might be some day though! :)

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