Reviving old code

Recently I've finished rewriting and fixing up Test::SFTP. Version 1.05 and 1.06 were released and they mark the API change and the switch to Test::Builder and Net::SFTP::Foreign.

Test::SFTP is now something I consider "good" and definitely "usable." There's another fix waiting for the next stable release of Net::SFTP::Foreign for some output redirection cleanups. Despite that, it's still good to use.

We all have that code that we put aside completely. At first you assume that you'll get to it sometime, then as time goes by you slowly let go of that idea. Small changes or fixes become tedious and annoying, you hate touching it and at some point you realize you'll probably never work on it again.

There is something joyous in going over that old code and fixing it up, correcting it, finally getting the job done. There's something very motivating in seeing something through to the end.

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