When Perl Met Android

I officially submitted a talk to YAPC::EU (at the appropriate time, of course) this August.

This will be my first YAPC and I'm very excited. I haven't purchased the tickets yet and it's a bit troubling that I have to make all the arrangements before knowing whether the talk is accepted, since I don't know what to ask $work to sponsor - I hope I won't miss out on room vacancy or flights.

My girlfriend (ferret) will probably be accompanying me. Considering last time we went abroad we stayed in a squat and went to protests/shows/squats, I hope she'll enjoy the tour in Pisa.

My talk is on When Perl Met Android and involves the work being done to run Perl on Android using the ASE project (in which I'm in charge of Perl now.) Hopefully the talk will be interesting enough to get accepted (I opted for a 50 minute long talk.)

If YAPC goes well, I'll try to make it to more YAPCs (such as those in the U.S.) and meet more people. I didn't see a way to view the submitted talks on the YAPC::EU website, nor a way to vote on them. I reckon it's some internal committee accepting the talks. Hopefully they'll find it interesting, and if so, hopefully people will show up to the talk even though I'm relatively unknown in the community compared to other people giving talks.

I guess that's all for now on that.

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Hope the talk gets accepted, and look forward to it at the YAPC::EU in Pisa!

As an Italian living abroad, I would suggest you book your flights sooner rather than later, as the flight prices to Pisa tend to go way up in August.

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