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I try to encourage my students to join the Perl community as an aid of learning. I always stress that the community is such a learning benchmark, it is practically considered vital.

While showing a student how to work with Google Reader (since he already integrated much of his life into Gmail and the Google Calendar), I noticed something I overlooked before: you can specify search terms for subscription adding and it will search that through known RSS entries and let you pick which ones you want to subscribe to.

In Google Reading, click on "Add a subscription" and write down "Perl". Then you can skim through RSS feeds which have something to do with Perl. Some are websites that had an article on Perl (Wired, for example) and some are help forums (Experts Exchange - which I personally don't care for) but some are hardcore stuff like Ironman (one of the tops),,, etc.

I've added: PerlMonks, Reddit,, Ironman, Modern Perl Books, The Perl Foundation, Plack, Perlcast,'s Perl, Perl is Alive, Perlsphere, Tim Bunce's blog (just in case it's missing from any aggregator!) and Proud to Use Perl.


You can also get feeds for blog searches with Google Blogsearch, which I find especially handy because I prefer to read about topics over people.

However, you usually don't need to add to many Perl blogs because most of the good stuff is already in one of the aggregators. I still pull down a lot of stuff, so I just have to read only the first of the six links Google Reader gives me.

So who's going to make the OMPL that newbies can start with? Oh wait, never mind, I have Feeds for the Beginning Perler, from The Perl Review. :)

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