dzil authordeps - There WAS a solution already!

If you've read my last post, there's a good chance you were relieved that there was finally a command to install all the missing plugins.

However, about 5 minutes (if not less) after posting my new thingamajig, Florian Ragwitz posted a reply saying "uh.. it's already been done, and a new Dist::Zilla is released with it today".

So, take even a more relieved breath because Dist::Zilla now already has it. Download it and use `dzil authordeps`!

On a technical note, it was interesting to see a different implementation of the same idea. What Florian did was to simply read the file, expand package names using Dist::Zilla::Util and print them all out. What I tried to do was perhaps more ambitious (but probably an overkill). I ran a dist building process and hooked up to the sections reading method and if the section was a plugin that didn't exist, I didn't run the section reading and marked it down. At the end I had all the sections that were plugins that didn't exist. I like Florian's method better, though. :)


Which approach is better is a question of “is the format more likely to change than the API or vice versa?”. Generally I prefer a higher-level approach like yours because it’s more likely not to miss edge cases in the format. But if there’s an official interface to the official parser then that works too.

I like your approach better.

Processing a dist.ini is quite complex, as you point out. Doing it right would probably have to happen at the MVP level, or above that. I simply wasn't up for that when I wrote that command, and settled for the dumb solution at a lower level, covering everything I've ever seen used in the wild, but not everything theoretically possible.

I believe The Right Solution is somewhere between our two approaches, at the config assembler level, but as your way covers various things mine doesn't, I prefer yours.

I'm certain patches to make dzil authordeps less dumb will be gladly accepted.

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