Perlbal moved to Github

While on news (and starting posts with the word "while"), Perlbal has moved to Github.

I have a lot of issues revolving Perlbal. I wish there was more development on it, I wish it catered to more generic situations (I've found myself needing a few good hacks for it and abandoning ideas because of it), I wish there were more hooks, there was more DOCUMENTATION and a decent website. I wish, I wish, I wish.

I have been trying to do several of these but my tuits have run out (expect a post relating to this).

Hopefully with the move to Github, it will be able to accept changes from the community more easily and perhaps fuel more development into it.

Good luck to it!


Regarding documentation, there is a PerlFoundation grant for that:

Its active since August 2010. AFAIK, there hasn't been any reports from them, but I'll ask José when I see him.

I don't know where the documentation is being written to, but maybe we could suggest they use the newly created github repo.

Have you sent questions to the mailing list? There's a fair amount of existing documentation as is, but extending Perlbal can require some learning.

I don't completely understand what you mean by it being a 'public project'. Perlbal is open source, has liberal license, and is well supported by the developers. It is by no means a private project - anyone can submit patches, and they are readily accepted if they meet the quality standards.

The developers mostly care about making it bug free, stable, and performant. If you spend the time to grok the event driven plugin architecture, you'll find that extending Perlbal isn't that difficult if you take the time to learn how to do it.

Part of making Perlbal compatible for lots of users is supporting older versions of Perl like 5.6. Cleaning up code is a very broad statement, and often code cleanups that have no specific goal result in a broken codebase. For what it is worth, the Perlbal code is some of the cleanest I've seen - dense, but clean.

You might try posting specific ideas about what you want to do with it to the list; I'm sure you'll get some good direction. You haven't specified exactly what you need it to do - only that you wish it was 'more generic'. Apache might be more what you are looking for there - it has many more modules ready to use, and you don't have to write a line of code.

There's a lot there in Perlbal already - but it sounds like you need to decide exactly what you are trying to accomplish, and give it some effort of your own.

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