Presenting Perl Dancer to Python programmers

Last Monday I was at a PyWeb IL meeting and gave a lecture on Dancer, the Perl web micro-framework.

I've put the slides I had up on Slideshare and you can view them here.

You might notice the it says "for Python programmers" - that's right. I've made the slides more attractive to Pythoners. This was done by comparison to Flask (the Pythonese Sinatra) and it's interesting to see very clearly that in this case, Python had some really hairy syntax and ugly code to provide something that two lines of Perl provided more clearly.

It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed attending the other lectures (which weren't all about Python). The people were very nice and even though I was ready for snickering and mini-insults on Perl, I didn't get any. Perhaps one or two that were clearly humor and were outdone by the positive energy of people there.

I have some people to thank for going over the slides, suggesting things and generally for supporting both Dancer and me as well:

  • Alexis Sukrieh
  • Franck Cuny
  • Al Newkirk
  • Damien Krotkine
  • Dave Rolsky
  • Gabor Szabo

And of course a thanks goes out to PyWeb IL for inviting me to give a talk and giving me such warm hospitality. :)

Interesting to note the following tweet by Gabor:
"this Perl looks quite nice" - one of the hard core Python developers from yesterdays PyWeb meeting after @sawyerx presented Dancer

I'm really happy about that!

Note: this isn't my twitter actually, I don't have twitter.


If it isn't too inconvenient, perhaps you could share your slides somewhere that doesn't require an account, as well? (A PDF-download would be great.)

You do need to log in to slideshare to download the presentation.

In some of the slides the text overflows the viewport, so a pdf would be nice.

Also, is PyWeb-IL now the thing to attend instead of Rehovot PM? It seems to be more lively and have more perl talks per month...

-- Dotan Dimet

> You can view slides on slideshare without having an account.

I don't have Flash on my computer, and prefer to read PDFs offline, so Slideshare is less than ideal for (people like) me.

I see you have made a PDF available for download - very nice of you, thanks! :-)

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