Sitemap? Dancer has it!

While I should be blogging on Lacuna Expanse, I actually wanted to write a small bit about Dancer, the Perl web micro-framework.

Yanick - who you might know either from his amusing Shuck and Awe or from his CPAN contributions - has written up a post on providing Catalyst with a Sitemap.

If you're using Catalyst, this is pretty sweet.

If you're using Dancer, there is already a small plugin someone wrote (as his first CPAN upload) called Dancer::Plugin::SiteMap which provides the same idea by adding:

use Dancer::Plugin::SiteMap;

to your code.

I personally love Catalyst and use it on several large-scale projects. If you don't know it, you should!


> If you're using Catalyst, this is pretty sweet.

Yanick here. Just a quick pip to say thank for the thumb up. :-)

For the record, I, ah..., allowed myself to be inspired by Dancer::Plugin::SiteMap to come up with the Catalyst version. Hmm... I should probably give props to D::P::S in my SEE ALSO section.

Amusing, eh? :-)

> This is also a good time to say "thank you" to you, for all your Perl contributions (your CPAN and Dancer stuff, and definitely your shuck and awe that I love to read) so thanks! :)

You, sir, are very welcome -- and the same thanks also applies for your own contributions. One of the things I love about the Perl community is how we all feed each other's work, all ending up standing on the shoulders of giants.

Although, it's probably less 'shoulders of giants' and more that kind of pyramid:


As for S&A, I dearly hope I'll be able to revive it soon. But as it's a $work initiative, I'll have to wait and see if I get the tuits to do it. *cross fingers*

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