Give a talk at FOSDEM

So, FOSDEM is approaching. If you don't know what FOSDEM is, it's a very big European technology conference, taking place in Brussels, Belgium. Usually it deals with generic topics, such as "systems administration", "BSD", "GNU", "accessibility" and such, but this time Gabor Szabo was able to secure a devroom specifically for Perl!

This is a great opportunity in presenting Perl both to more mongers, but also to the external geek community (outside of Perl Mongers, CPAN authors, and other Perl community members) and showcase some of our stuff.

People have volunteered and we're going to have a few really cool talks: Moose, Dancer, PEG, Packing Perl, Tracing Perl with DTrace/SystemTap, Template::Zoom, SPORE and Padre are just some of the talks you'll see.

However, we still have a few slots open, so please do submit a talk if you're coming!

And remember, if you see me there, don't be afraid to step up and say hi, because I'll probably be too shy to do it! :)

Update: to submit a talk, contact me via xsawyerx AT cpan DOTT org.

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