The Puneet of the Dancer Community

There are definitely more and more people involved with Dancer which makes me proud.

Alberto Manuel Brandão Simões (ambs) has been putting a lot of development work into Dancer recently, improving it in ways we haven't even thought about. Flavio Poletti has been also offering some commits, and more importantly, takes the time to help newbies within the Dancer community (successfully, might I add!) and we can see more and more new-comers giving us good feedback and pull requests.

However, as much as all the aforementioned people deserve their own posts for their work (which isn't just the code, but the motivation they give others), this post is about someone else. A person by the name of Puneet Kishor.

Puneet has been a member of the Dancer community for a long while now. He has been writing quite a bit on the mailing list, and raises a lot of inquiries, possible bugs, feature suggestions and general issues such as recommended writing methodologies.

While some of the emails Puneet writes don't garnish responses (as it is with mailing lists sometimes) he often raises issues that we cannot easily answer. Some might see it as annoying or irritating, but instead it should be viewed as a driving force for development, which it is.

Recently Puneet asked about a feature of optional parameters. Instead of writing '/person/:id/' and '/person/' as two separate routes, you could do a single route of '/person/:id?/'. After a few emails on the mailing list, Sukria has committed a fix for optional parameters. It's a great feature, and we now all have it, thanks to Mr. Kishor. This is not the only thing he promoted. Indeed, many of his inquiries end up as features, fixes, discussions instigators and design decisions.

So, while I thank ambs, Flavio, and other community members (and I do), I also want to point out those we usually do not credit, the Puneets of the community.

May your community have a Puneet as well! :)


Goof ball!

I can't say I always agree with all that Puneet suggests but I do agree heartily that a community have a Puneet. :)

Questions and suggestinos drive change and Puneet has certainly done that.


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